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Bruce Herschensohn Talks Obama's Globe

On Wednesday, August 22, author, commentator, and former RN Deputy Special Assistant, Bruce Herschensohn returned to the Nixon Library and talked about his new book Obama’s Globe: A President’s Abandonment of U.S. Allies Around the World.

According to Herschensohn, the current American President’s actions – including  announcements for timetables in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the abandonment of key Middle East allies  - has put world leaders in the precarious position of assisting U.S. defense efforts and promoting the cause of freedom.

“We’re running out of allies,” Herschensohn said. “Doesn’t he have anyone in his administration that will remind him of what Winston Churchill said after the terrible Battle of Dunkirk: ‘Wars cannot be won through evacuation.’”

If you were unable to attend the event, but still want an autographed edition of Obama's Globe, click here to order.

Jonathan Movroydis is the Director of Communications at the Richard Nixon Foundation.