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Letter #84 Richard Nixon Opened My Eyes

I was pleasantly surprised to see the article written by Robert Nedelkoff concerning President Nixon and the War on Cancer Act of 1971.  Robert mentioned my name from a then recently published story about how I have personally benefited from this initiative in my battle with an incurable blood cancer.  I was elated to see this published on the Nixon Foundation blog.

In 1971 I was serving in the United States Navy, it was my first time voting for the President.  Coming from the Boston area, it’s not surprising that my family were Democrats, really no thought needed, pretty much like the way people adopt their religion- the greatest influence is where you’re born.  So when I started to seriously think about our country, politics and explore doing what’s right, it was easy to support Richard Nixon.  His opponent’s position made it even easier.   But my family just couldn’t see the rational thinking behind my decision. The closer I looked at the issues, the more I became a rational, reasonable, thoughtful conservative.

I had already been ‘hooked’ on Calvin Coolidge for whom there still is little public support, but when you research him carefully and see his accomplishments, it’s easy to support Silent Cal.  He too was beat up by the liberal press.  But it was Richard Nixon that opened my eyes because I was much like a Democrat kitten who’s eyes had not yet opened. I’m glad I found the site. Congratulations to the team supporting this site, job well done!

Very best regards,

Jack Whelan

Cancer survivor & warrior