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Nixon White House Domestic Council Alumni Reunion

More than 100 White House alumni who worked on RN's domestic initiatives gathered at the home of Don and Joyce Rumsfeld on November 13 to honor the 37th President on the heels of the Centennial Anniversary. Guests included Vice President and Lynne Cheney and Secretary of State and Nancy Kissinger, as well as Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower.

The dinner was followed the next day by a luncheon in Washington, D.C., where VP Cheney, Pat Buchanan, and Amb. Tom Korologos discussed the aftermath of the 2012 election.

Read more from The Washington Post's reliable source:

Their candidate might have gone down in defeat last week, but there was no crying in their beer for one gathering of old-school Republicans. The dinner crowd at Don Rumsfeld’s Kalorama home Tuesday night included Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and nearly 50 other veterans of Richard Nixon’s White House, we’re told. “It wasn’t as downcast as one might expect,” one guest told us. “It was a lot of old friends meeting each other and seeing what they’re up to.” It’s a set that often reunites whenever the Nixon library foundation is meeting in town, but a slightly larger group this time that included both Julie Nixon Eisenhower and Tricia Nixon Cox. Any good gossip? Cheney, who got a heart transplant last spring, was looking surprisingly healthy — and told friends he’s planning to go skiing again soon.