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Clara Jane Nixon 1919-2013

Clara Jane Nixon, the widow of President Nixon’s brother Donald and RN’s sister-in-law, passed away Friday morning at the age of 93. She died peacefully of natural causes in Irvine, California.

This announcement was made by her brother-in-law, Ed Nixon:

"Family and close friends of Clara Jane Nixon are united today sharing treasured memories of life with this great lady. Her passing this morning leaves us with feelings of regret for having too many unfinished conversations, but rejoicing in the faith that kept her above the everyday noise all around us.

"Personally, I remember her smile when I would describe my response to journalists' questions about August 9, 1974. News media made a habit of calling me on the anniversaries of that sad day and I always replied, 'That was Don and Clara Jane's thirty-third wedding anniversary. Why do you ask?'

"Clara Jane was a saver of kind thoughts. She always considered everyone a friend -- sometimes by mistake. I feel certain that Don and Rick are there to greet her at her next destination."

Nixon Foundation President Sandy Quinn said:

“Clara Jane was a lovely, engaging lady who enjoyed participating in events and activities at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.

“She spoke June 16, 2012 at ceremonies for the 100th anniversary of the President’s birthplace and was proud that she had made sure that the original furniture in the modest home was preserved, including the bed he was born on and the violin and piano he learned to play as a youth.

"Without Clara Jane’s vision and persistence in saving the furniture, the Birthplace would not be the historical treasure that visitors experience today. She was always supportive of the Nixon Foundation and for that we will always be grateful.”

Clara Jane is survived by her son Donald, daughter Lawrene and six grandchildren. No public service is scheduled. She will be buried privately at Rose Hills Cemetery near her husband Don and other members of the Nixon family.

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