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RN 100 in the News

Richard Nixon’s dark side has obscured his greatness - Jonathan Aitken, The Telegraph

When Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency of the United States over Watergate in 1974 he was widely reviled as the worst ever occupant of the White House. But perceptions of his record have been changing. As the 100th anniversary of his birth approaches next week, a reassessment of his leadership and legacy seems timely.

God Bless Richard M. Nixon - Ben Stein, American Spectator

One hundred years ago, as of January 9, in a small home in Yorba Linda, a suburb of Los Angeles, Richard Nixon was born in a house his father built.

President Nixon gets the star treatment - Jean Merl, Los Angeles Times

Long Beach lawyer Paul J. Carter has created a map of places of interest to fans of the nation's 37th president, who was born 100 years ago this week.

New respect for Richard Nixon, 'the man of many masks' - Tom Switzer and Nicole Hemmer, The Australian

At Nixon's funeral in 1994, Bill Clinton advised "the day of judging president Nixon on anything less than his entire life and career (should) come to a close". He was right. Beyond Watergate, Nixon's life provides a bounty of lessons for Americans, especially for today's troubled Republican Party.

Nixon. Now More Than Ever - Monica Crowley

"I was born in a house my father built." That's how Richard Nixon chose to begin his memoir, "RN." A simple, declarative sentence distinguished by its humility.

Nixon at 100: Playing Piano on Paar - Alex Rogers, Time Magazine

Nixon’s 1963 appearance on “The Jack Paar Program” restored his public image after losing the California gubernatorial election (“You don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore”) the previous year.

Five Key Legacies of Former President Richard Nixon On His 100th Birthday - Sarah Parnass, OTUS News (ABC)

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of 37th President Richard Nixon.

Five Fascinating Facts About Richard Nixon on His 100th Birthday - Debra Bell, U.S. News and World Report

Huge sports fan, big poker player, interesting neighbor.

Nixon at 100: A model for GOP? - Timothy Stanley, CNN

Wednesday is the 100th anniversary of Richard Nixon's birth. He remains a controversial figure, and not just on the political left.

Richard Nixon -- the last great liberal - Doug Schoen, Fox News

As we celebrate Richard Nixon’s 100th birthday, there is so much more to reflect on than the Watergate scandal. Nixon is many things to many people, but 40 years after his crushing 1972 reelection victory, it becomes clearer that he is also something few would have imagined: America’s last liberal.

Nixon’s lessons for today’s Republicans - Tom Switzer & Nicole Hemmer, The Spectator (UK)

If the past few weeks are any indication, conservative Republicans learned very little from the 2012 election. While the party’s establishment tries to claw its way back from defeat, tea partiers and neoconservatives have decided to double-down on obstructionism.

Richard Nixon at 100 - Anthony Rek LeCounte, The Daily Caller

On January 9, 1913, a future president of the United States was born into a conservative Quaker family in Yorba Linda, California.