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OC Register: More to Nixon Than Watergate

Daniel Langhorne of The Orange County Register gives an advanced preview of Patriot. President. Peacemaker, the Richard Nixon Centennial exhibit, opening Friday, February 15 at the Nixon Presidential Library.

The legacy of Richard Nixon is more than Watergate that's the message the curators of a new exhibit at the Nixon Presidential Library & Museum hope to send to visitors.

The Richard Nixon Foundation and the National Archives and Records Administration have collaborated on the exhibit to celebrate what would have been Nixon's 100th birthday, on Jan. 9, and to show the breadth of the late president's life.

A spotlight shines on the exhibit floor with the slogan from Richard Nixon's first campaign for presidency: "Nixon's The One!" It was one of many slogans that Richard Nixon used strategically during his campaign to convince voters of his qualification for the United States presidency.