Gutfeld Visits Baseball Exhibit and Nixon Birthplace

The Fox News host toured the new exhibit "Play Ball! Presidents and Baseball"

Fox News star Greg Gutfeld had his biggest book signing of his Not Cool Tour Saturday at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. He came early and toured the Library’s new exhibit Play Ball! Presidents and Baseball then visited the birthplace of America’s 37th President. “I think he was a pretty awesome President,” he said […]

“He Shaped Half of the Century”

Monica Crowley looks back on the 37th President's final years.

“He was a fascinating and generous mentor and a very good man. Above all, he was a visionary. He was one of the few American leaders who could see what the world — and the country — were going to look like years into the future, and made American policy to anticipate that world.” Fox […]

“Beautiful Exhibit” says Tommy Lasorda

Lasorda and Foundation President Sandy Quinn in the new exhibit, "Play Ball!"

“This place is beautiful. Come see it!” said Hall of Fame Manager Tommy Lasorda as he toured the new exhibit, Play Ball! Presidents and Baseball at the Nixon Library. “Brings back a lot of memories.” “Dick Nixon knew baseball,” Lasorda added as he spoke about his friendship with the 37th President, the first of seven […]

Docents Honor Young Geography Scholars

Students recognized at the 20th Annual Geography Awards.

The Richard Nixon Library Docent Guild presented the 20th Annual Student Geography Awards in the East Room today. More than 170 students were recognized for their ability to accurately identify continents, countries, oceans, rivers, bays, islands and other natural features. Keynote speaker Edward Shimko, Plant Manager of Marine Depot Maintenance Command Barstow, spoke to the […]

Play Ball! Presidents and Baseball Now Open

A new special exhibit on display all spring and summer.

A new showcase displaying the colorful history of U.S. Presidents and the game of baseball is now on display at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. “Baseball has always had legions of celebrity fans, but few were more enthusiastic and knowledgeable than President Nixon,” said Peter Ueberroth, Major League Baseball Commissioner 1984-1989. “I knew […]

Farewell, Mr. President – The 20th Anniversary

The new special exhibit remembers President Nixon's 1994 State Services.

Richard Nixon’s 1994 State Services brought five U.S. Presidents and First Ladies, hundreds of national and foreign leaders, and thousands of admirers to Yorba Linda to give their final salute to the 37th President. A new exhibit at the Presidential Library will show rare artifacts and photos never-before-seen by the public from that historic week […]

Legacy Forum: Nixon Creates the OMB

Panel includes former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill.

Everyone has to start from somewhere.  Before he was Secretary of the Treasury, president of International Paper, CEO of Alcoa and chairman of the RAND Corporation, Paul O’Neill was a career civil servant in the Bureau of the Budget.  He was thirty-five when he became an assistant director of the Office of Management and Budget […]

James Schlesinger, 1929-2014

President Nixon and Sec. Schlesinger at Camp David.

James R. Schlesinger, one of America’s most successful and enduring government officials who served as director of the CIA, Secretary of Defense and later the first Secretary of Energy, passed on March 27 in Arlington, Virginia. He was 85. In addition to having served in the top defense post under President Nixon, Schlesinger – an […]

Celebrating Pat Nixon’s Birthday

Yorba Linda Mayor Craig Young and Councilman Gene Hernandez join Girl Scouts to honor the First Lady.

Hundreds of Girl Scouts and their families gathered at the Nixon Library this past weekend to celebrate the combined birthdays of their organization and First Lady Pat Nixon. The Scouts searched the museum galleries on a history scavenger hunt, participated in fun arts and crafts activities and laid a wreath at the memorial sites of […]

Ben Stein: Russia, Ukraine and Nixon

President Richard Nixon and Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev (Corbis).

Former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein reflects on what the 37th President might do regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, for The American Spectator. “Nixon would call for the end of the era of wishful thinking in foreign affairs and defense,” he writes. “No provocative statements but also no more belief in fairy tales.” Read more below: […]

World in Crisis: What Would Nixon Do?

Nixon White House official Bruce Herschensohn discussed how his former boss might deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin. takes a look at how President Nixon might solve America’s current global challenges. Guest Bruce Herschensohn, Nixon White House Deputy Special Assistant, best-selling author and Pepperdine University Professor, tackles what his former boss might think about Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon to the Arab spring, the drawdowns in […]