Book Signing with Dr. Ben Carson on Oct. 19

He'll be signing "One Nation: What We Can Do to Save America’s Future."

World-renowned Johns Hopkins University neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson has risen as a national voice on healthcare reform and other issues which will shape the future of America. He will introduce his new book, One Nation: What We Can Do to Save America’s Future. This is a book signing, with introductory remarks and Q&A. Admission by […]

Midterm Election Lecture with Speaker & Mrs. Gingrich

Gingrich gives his election predictions two weeks before the midterms.

Two weeks before the crucial November elections, Speaker Gingrich will give his expert predictions on the 2014 midterms, followed by a book signing with his wife Callista. Callista Gingrich will be signing the latest book in her New York Times best selling series featuring Ellis the Elephant, From Sea to Shining Sea. Speaker Gingrich will […]

New Video Shows RN Talking Candidly About Resigning

The videos can now all be seen on YouTube.

In a new video series, the 37th President tells the story of his final days in the White House, discusses his options and recalls the emotions leading up to August 9. Marking 40 years since President Nixon’s resignation, the Richard Nixon Foundation and the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum have released unedited June 1983 […]

In Memory of Jim Brady

Brady began his public service career during the Nixon administration.

The Richard Nixon Foundation is saddened by the death of Jim Brady. Jim began his public service career during President Nixon’s administration, serving as a Special Assistant to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jim Lynn. Jim Brady had a wide circle of friends and admirers. His sense of humor was infectious, and he made a […]

Adm. Charles R. Larson, 1936-2014

Larson served in the Nixon administration as the President's Naval Aide.

Four-star Admiral Charles R. Larson, one of the Navy’s most distinguished officers who served as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Command, Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, and President Nixon’s Naval Aide, died July 26 at 77. “This guy really walked on water,” said General James “Don” Hughes, President Nixon’s vice presidential and […]

Youngsters Meet the 37th President’s Brother

Ed Nixon spoke about his brother's upbringing and how he became President.

The youngest and only living brother of President Nixon spoke in the East Room at the fifth “Meet the Presidents” event of the summer. The 37th President’s brother talked about Richard Nixon’s long road to the presidency and how hard work, perseverance and an interest in how the world works can take you to places […]

Buchanan: RN a Great Survivor

Buchanan gave a behind the scenes account of RN's historic '68 victory.

Political commentator and New York Times best selling author Pat Buchanan came to the Richard Nixon Library on July 21 to discuss his new book, The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority. The former Nixon adviser and speechwriter discussed RN’s historic 1966-68 comeback from political wilderness to the […]

Madame Li Xiaolin and Christopher Nixon Cox Open Photo Exhibit

More than 80 historical images from World War II were on display.

“True friendship stands the test of time and today’s exhibition is about paying tribute to our friendship,” said Madame Li Xiaolin, President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries at the opening of “Salute to Friendship,” a new photo exhibit that was on display in the East Room. The exhibition marvelously displayed more […]

Kids Take an Adventure with Teddy Roosevelt

The dynamic 26th President told youngsters about his amazing history.

The 26th President of the United States told stories of exploring the safari, climbing mountains and hiking the frontiers of America’s wilderness during this summer’s fourth “Meet the Presidents” event. Teddy Roosevelt echoed his famous 1899 speech when he stressed the importance of living a strenuous life. He encouraged the group to persevere, overcome hardship […]

Nixon Library Celebrates 24 Years

Presidents Ford, Reagan, Nixon, and Bush with their wives Betty, Nancy, Pat, and Barbara posing in front of the newly dedicated Richard Nixon Library on July 19, 1990.

On a hot July 19, 1990, more than 50,000 Nixon friends, family, supporters, neighbors, and former campaign and administration officials accompanied President and Mrs. Nixon and three U.S. Presidents to dedicate his Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, California. “Nothing we have ever seen matches this moment – to be welcomed home again so warmly […]