Letter #84 – Richard Nixon Opened My Eyes

I was pleasantly surprised to see the article written by Robert Nedelkoff concerning President Nixon and the War on Cancer Act of 1971.  Robert mentioned my name from a then recently published story about how I have personally benefited from this initiative in my battle with an incurable blood cancer.  I was elated to see […]

Letter #83 – The Pioneering Pat Nixon

A letter to Washington Post editors points to First Lady's achievements.

First Lady Pat Nixon was a pioneer among American political spouses.

Rennie Silva, Presidential Management Fellow at the U.S. Department of State, argues that First Lady Pat Nixon was overlooked in a Washington Post story about the wives of presidential contenders. “More so than any other first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt, Nixon helped pave the way for the practice of candidates’ spouses of both political parties speaking at national conventions,” Silva wrote. “Her appearance went beyond simply humanizing her husband to showcasing what she called “personal diplomacy” around the world, one of the hallmarks of her public life.”

Letter #82 – A Great Boss

Remembering the Warmth and Kindness the 37th President Showed to his Staff


Those who served Congressman, Senator, Vice President or President Richard Nixon hold a deep connection to RN that always brings them back to this giant of American politics. Nixon Foundation staffer Jimmy Byron discusses the experience of Lillian Menne Peeler who began working for “the Boss” in 1954.

Letter #81 – Two Photos, Two Memories


In preparation for an interview with Jon Movroydis, Director of Communications of the Nixon Foundation, I began to search through the accumulated memorabilia, important documents, letters, memos, email copies, and yes, just plain junk that have cluttered my files, my basement, and my mind all these years. I wanted to refresh my memory (at my […]

Letter #79 – Requiem for a Nixon Redemption


There are some who will always treat our 37th president, Richard Nixon, with an asterisk. He was the first president in American history to resign in lieu of impeachment for his involvement in the Watergate affair. They will remember him for this, and ignore his achievements in foreign relations like the opening to China, the […]

Letter #77 – Reminisces


The Docents at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace had their annual “Refresher Course” on Saturday. Ron and I were both asked to speak. As you know, they are an amazing group of very knowledgeable and supportive representatives of the life and career of President Nixon. Many of them have told me that they love […]

Letter #76 – Presidential Kumquats


The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace has a bumper crop of kumquats. The six beautiful trees, three on each side of the reflecting pool, are loaded with the picture perfect fruit. Daughter Marja and I couldn’t resist. We harvested the little flavor-bombs to make kumquat marmalade. I tried hard to find the Nixon/Kumquat historical background, […]

Letter #75 – Happy Birthday, Mrs. Nixon


A special birthday party was held at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace yesterday. Over 3,400 Girl Scouts gathered to celebrate what would have been Pat Nixon’s 98th birthday, and what was the girl scouts 98th birthday. Both will be celebrated in even greater grandeur on their centennials. The theme this year was “Girl Scouts […]