Conrad Black on Richard Nixon: A great president in need of reappraisal

Conrad Black in the National Post: Forty years after Watergate, as the agreed demonology of that drama begins to unravel and the chief authors of it, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, struggle to keep the conventional wisdom about it intact as an article of righteous liberal faith, a factual review is timely. When Richard Nixon […]

Paul W. McCracken 1915-2012

President Nixon's chief economic adviser dies at 96.

Paul McCracken led the Council of Economic Advisors under RN. (Corbis)

Paul W. McCracken, the Chairman of President Nixon’s Council of Economic Advisers died yesterday. He was 96. Before assuming his role as RN’s chief economist in 1969, Dr. McCracken served on the CEA in the Eisenhower administration, was a professor at the University of Michigan business school, and an advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. In […]

Zarnow: Her Nixon faith never ended

Teryl Zarnow of the Orange County Register: Maureen Drown Nunn pauses before a photo of former President Richard Nixon and his wife Pat, smiling with their arms around each other. Pat wears a long, printed skirt as they pose in San Clemente. It’s one of many photos on display at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library […]

Nixon Library hosts Roosevelt impressionist

Mike Sprague, Whittier Daily News: Gallery: Teddy Roosevelt visits Nixon Library YORBA LINDA – A man with graying hair, a mustache (fake), wearing a cowboy hat, spectacles, a vest and long-tailed coat walks out on the floor of the East Room at the Nixon Library. His first sentence was a high-pitched “I’m deelighted to be […]

Title IX has helped level athletic playing field

A Fresno Bee editorial: We’ve just passed the 40th anniversary of Title IX, and our society is much better for having this historic gender equity provision. Young women playing high school and college sports today just need to ask their grandmothers how many opportunities they had in 1972 to play sports. For the most part, […]

Exhibit focuses on Nixon advances in women’s rights

By Adam Ottke, OC Register:  In 1971, Secretary of Commerce Barbara Hackman Franklin, staff assistant to President Richard M. Nixon, was tasked with recruiting qualified women for positions in the administration. This task marked the first time a president explicitly made such attempts to advance women’s rights within his own administration. The story of these […]

Watergate versus the Fifth Amendment

Geoff Shepard in Constitution Daily: In this commentary, Geoff Shepard, who served on Richard Nixon’s White House staff and his legal defense team, looks at arguments about due process violations for the Watergate defendants. Our Founding Fathers wisely distributed power among three separate branches, to protect from its dangerous concentration and from human nature. In […]

Law professors debate health-care law at Nixon Library

Mike Spraque, Whittier Daily News: YORBA LINDA – Two law professors in a debate Wednesday found little to agree on when it comes to how the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on President Barack Obama’s health care law. But there was one exception: both John Eastman, law professor and former dean of Chapman University and […]

Nixon birthplace marks 100 years

By Mindy Shauer, OC Register: YORBA LINDA – Richard Nixon’s modest birthplace was celebrated Saturday in Yorba Linda as it turned 100. Character actors from the 37th president’s early days, including parents Hannah and Frank Nixon, provided a glimpse into the life of one of the most controversial presidents. A time capsule will be buried […]

Nixon birthplace hits 100 years

By Michael Mello, OC Register: YORBA LINDA – One of Orange County’s most famous landmarks didn’t start out that way when it was built 100 years ago. In fact, the simple farmhouse was built from a kit Frank Nixon likely bought at a lumber yard not far from his property along what is now Yorba […]